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Due to the amount of abuse this feature has been receiving, we have been forced to disable our guestbook. Below are some of the past comments we've received.

Monday, May 23 at 10:23 PM:
Gio from CA wrote:
"I really like your site and I enjoyed browsing through it. thanks for this wonderful site!"

Friday, May 20 at 01:37 PM:

Sunday, May 1 at 06:48 PM:
Tootie Alexander from Waco, Texas wrote:
"I got this cd from my ex-father-in-law who played in a band with you (Greg), I think. Anyway, I have a 6 y/o and a 3 y/o (girls) and we all LOVE the cd. I've grown up and lived with and around musicians all my life, and music is a big part of my life...and I really appreciate your creativity and musicianship. We will be ordering copies for family and friends."

Tuesday, April 19 at 05:24 PM:
Shelby McMasters from roundrock,TX wrote:
"You were my kindergarden teacher you were the best teaher ever!!!!!!"

Friday, April 1 at 08:29 PM:
Jannice from washington everett wrote:
"Hi I love this web site "

Thursday, March 31 at 06:52 PM:
key from CA wrote:
"This site is really great!"

Saturday, March 12 at 07:14 AM:
Leah and Leila from New York, NY wrote:
"Leila is enjoying listening to these songs. Music we can enjoy together. Greg, it is fun for me to be revisiting these songs!!"

Wednesday, March 9 at 07:28 PM:
Ron from NY wrote:

Thursday, January 20 at 09:30 AM:
jennifer from alabama wrote:
"new to site"

Friday, December 24 at 08:35 AM:
Kelly from NY wrote:
"Enjoyed the site."

Saturday, December 11 at 03:05 AM:
Wilhelmina Burris from Baltimore,Maryland,USA wrote:
"I really injoyed your site it contained a variety of easy to use ideas. "

Monday, November 8 at 02:51 PM:
christine from smyrna, tn, US wrote:
"I was SO happy to have found this website!!!!"

Thursday, September 16 at 03:01 PM:
Mary Ellen Walker from Joplin, MO wrote:

Wednesday, September 15 at 04:36 PM:
Karen from waterloo, Ont wrote:
"I am looking for ways to teach young ones to reconize or to know the alphabet."

Saturday, September 4 at 06:05 PM:
taffy piper from Tucson, AZ wrote:
"I love this CD! Thanks for the activity ideas also - I work at a preschool and plan to use them. I love music!! It helps kids learn while having fun. Thanks, Greg"

Monday, August 2 at 08:33 AM:
Jill from Holliday, Texas wrote:
"Great web-site, cute songs. I plan on using them to help my 4-year-old who will soon start pre-school."

Monday, July 5 at 06:13 AM:
karma from Thimphu, Bhutan wrote:
"I love the songs that is already there but sinc we do not know the tune we dont know how to sing,if there is a CD how do we get it?And I would like to know more on phonics for the grade 1 to grade4. Any teachers who are willing to share ideas are welcome"

Saturday, June 26 at 01:47 PM:
annie from manila, philippines wrote:
"not much, i havent seen ur syt yet! though, i have a feeling it will very educational."

Tuesday, June 15 at 05:49 AM:
greg whitfield from england wrote:
"while searching google i came across a guy with the same name as me,hello greg whitfield!"

Thursday, June 10 at 03:21 PM:
kellie from Nampa, Id, usa wrote:
"I was interested in finding a web page that listed a few different ideas in the craft areas i enjoy. thanks a bunch"

Monday, June 7 at 07:22 PM:
Sheka from Greenwood,SC/USA wrote:
"I'm working in a Day Care with oned and two tear olds, how can I teach them their ABC and how to start recognizing their letters."

Tuesday, May 25 at 08:06 AM:
Ashley from Westland, MI 48186 wrote:
"How do you teach a 5 year old ABC's by sight. She knows them by saying them but does not reconize them is we point to a letter."

Kristina from NY wrote:
"I am almost six years old. My dad was helping me look for N-words. I love this site and so is my dad."

Thursday, March 4 at 01:19 AM:
Bianca from Bucuresti, Romania wrote:
"I look for funny poems."

Wednesday, March 3 at 02:30 PM:
Stephanie Acosta from Riverside wrote:
"I want to know what clases do you have to take in college to be a Kindergarden Teacher"

Wednesday, March 3 at 05:24 AM:
Michelle from bellaire, oh/usa wrote:
"looking for puppets that students color and cut out nd a story that goes along with it"

Thursday, February 26 at 01:01 PM:
Dana from Sweetwater,Texas wrote:
"I only found your site because of an assignment in my early literacy class in college, but I am so glad I did! Now that music is "missing" in our elem. schools, I have found a wonderful way to include music in my classroom! Thanks!"

Monday, February 23 at 02:40 PM:
shun from alexander city, alabama wrote:
"I'm trying to find a site where i can print tracable letters of the alphabet for pre-schoolers"

Tuesday, February 17 at 05:42 PM:
fantasia from florida wrote:
"need to find 5 world and pictures that begin with the letter x"

Saturday, February 14 at 03:26 PM:
noreen from poughkeepsie new york wrote:
"looking for a preschoolers science experiments free"

Tuesday, February 10 at 07:02 AM:
Susan Hubberd from Mtn. View,Ar. USA wrote:
"This seems to me like a very good program i will use these metods on my child as well as others will too. "

Wednesday, February 4 at 12:49 PM:
T J from NAPLES FL USA wrote:

Friday, January 30 at 02:20 PM:
Circle Of Friends from Reno Nevada wrote:
"Great Site For a preschool Thanks will use it!!!!!"

Wednesday, January 21 at 03:38 PM:
tricia wa tts from blue springs wrote:
"i have been looking all over sites to try to get help fpr my son. out of my mind trying i was sitting and just put abc123 in a boy was i happy when i run in to this site i have alot to do know but just wanting to thank you for the site."

Friday, January 2 at 12:30 AM:
Priscillia from Klang, Selangor D.E.,Malaysia wrote:
"I'm very interested about your programme offered. Would appreacite if you could tell me more about it. How to do ordering & delivery,etc. Looking forward to hear from you soon."

Friday, December 12 at 01:12 AM:
Richard from Beijing China wrote:
"Looking for ideas to teach English to Chinese children"

Saturday, November 29 at 05:28 PM:
Kathy from Texas wrote:
"Just looking, for ideas for my children."

Tuesday, October 21 at 11:23 AM:
Pam Davis from New york wrote:
"It is an excellent phonics program"

Tuesday, August 26 at 07:56 AM:
anna adams from St.Petersburg,Fla wrote:
"I really like this website because it gave me so many good ideas for the daycare thanx alot."

Tuesday, August 26 at 07:54 AM:
Yolanda Floyd from St.Petersburg,Fla wrote:
"This was a great help I needed some songs and activities to help my daycare kids learn for the week of letters K&Q and this web site really help me and my co-workers alot and thank you guys very much. "

Friday, July 11 at 08:21 AM:
JASMINE from KOREA wrote:

Thursday, July 10 at 10:20 AM:
v Cabell from Ironton, Ohio wrote:
"The children and I enjoy learning letters and sounds this way.I wish to make a copy of the wourds and "

Monday, June 23 at 09:17 PM:
Sherry Evans from Lonoke, AR wrote:
"Your songs are great! Have you recorded others?"

Friday, April 18 at 12:01 PM:

Friday, March 21 at 10:45 AM:
Micahel Chatman from Trenton, NJ USA wrote:
"I love the songs that you usually have for the kids and i think that they are really great for them being they are so young. This can teach them a variety of things that they will know before they start school. They will definitely be ahead of the class when they do start school and will blow the teachers away with their intelligence."

Tuesday, February 11 at 03:06 PM:
Thanh Phan from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia wrote:
"Thank you so much for sending me your CD. It's a wonderful way to teach my daughter how to speak English correctly. A very special thanks for sending your CD to my home in Australia. It's very much appreciated as I had a great difficulty in order your CD via the internet with KIDiddles. Thanks again."

Monday, February 3 at 09:38 AM:
Marie Holliday from Desert Hot Springs, CA wrote:
"Thank you for your efforts in teaching this great subject. I am teaching a Cambodian lady how to speak what she reads. The Asian tongue does not always lend itself to our language. I do believe these lovely poems and suggestions will help. Thanks again. "

Friday, January 24 at 01:28 PM:
louise draper from preston wrote:
"iam want to know more about your songs"

Wednesday, January 22 at 08:47 AM:

Friday, January 3 at 04:19 PM:
God from Egypt wrote:
"I have a horse"

Friday, January 3 at 11:23 AM:
ashley roye from san antonio, TX wrote:
"I had Mr. Whitfield in 1st grade, im now in 10 grade. I still talk to him. He was my favorte teacher ever! He is the best! I have the cd too. He sent one to me when it came out, it is great for my little cousins!Thanks! :)"

Monday, December 30 at 08:28 AM:
CV Kennedy from Janesville wrote:
"I really enjoyed your site. I found it on google. Have a great New Years. Thank you, CV Kennedy"

Wednesday, December 25 at 07:50 PM:
sun from Kuala Lumpur wrote:
"Please send me more info about your CD and the contents. possibility to "test" the from the website before making decision to purchase."

Friday, November 15 at 08:33 AM:
jo from decatur, GA wrote:
"Would like to see if you have anything that would help several of my students better understand phonics. "

Monday, September 16 at 05:43 PM:
Katherine from Markham, Ontario wrote:
"This is a great website! Keep up the good work!"

Friday, September 13 at 10:20 PM:
Mehreen Slote from Pakistan wrote:

Saturday, August 24 at 09:27 PM:
rose mendoza from baguio city, philippines wrote:
"i like the lyrics of the songs. but i can't hear the songs. "

Monday, August 19 at 05:25 AM:
LaVerne Gray from Taylor Texas wrote:
"I was able to meet you on Saturday. I am Fentrese Milligan/s grandmother. We are excited about an instrument that will help him with his sounds. I was excited with your energy. I feel this move to this school is going to be a major blessing in our lives. Looking forward to working together to help our baby, but more getting to help others as a team effort. HAVE A GREAT DAY."

Wednesday, July 31 at 11:22 AM:
Sandy Mendes from Porterville,Ca 93257 wrote:
"music is the key to helping children learn the alphabet."

Tuesday, July 2 at 03:53 PM:
Kaye Burton from Houston, Texas USA wrote:
"I love your web site. i just found you and I think it is neat. I will be ordering in the near future so that I may be able to help others to read and read well."

Friday, June 28 at 08:16 PM:
emile saad from Dominican Republic wrote:
"I love to teach to youngsters "

Saturday, June 22 at 05:17 PM:
kim from stats wrote:
"do you sing childrens songs"

Wednesday, June 12 at 12:54 AM:
Kara from Drury, Auckland, New Zealand wrote:
"Will be using the lyrics with plus fours and also passing details on to my son's teacher (just started school, age 5) would love to hearhave the CD one day."

Thursday, May 23 at 07:07 PM:
maureen Mitcham from st.kitts west indies caribbean wrote:
"just great"

Wednesday, April 10 at 10:21 AM:
Colette E. Small from Round Rock, TX, USA wrote:
"My husband and I visited your classroom today and we were really impressed with our observation. Now that I have this website we will be diligent with having our 4 year old involved with this site. Thank you for your insight and inspiratiion. God bless you and your family. Again I say thanks! "

Tuesday, April 2 at 01:56 AM:
kalthoum from UAE wrote:
"We need more Activities"

Monday, March 4 at 05:59 PM:
Tina Messing from Memphis, Tennessee U.S. A. wrote:
"I have my C.D.A.. Now how can I become a kindergarten teacher?"

Friday, March 1 at 02:23 PM:
RaShawn Greene from Alta Loma, California, USA wrote:
"Great website. It is very helpful, especially with first time teachers."

Friday, February 15 at 08:17 AM:
Tammy Roark from Clinton, Mo. USA wrote:
"Great Site"

Monday, January 14 at 05:50 PM:
Sammy Tang from Palm Springs, Hong Kong wrote:
"Great songs and bouncy music! My 4 years old son just love it the first time he heard them from the player, specially the "F", is still the best "hit" to him. He now knows almost every words from any one of the 26s. Thanks so much!!"

Saturday, January 12 at 04:13 AM:
Patti from CA wrote:
"This seems like a wonderful way to teach children to read. Thank you, I will use it well. I can't wait to get the music the lyrics are funny and the kids enjoy the silly songs.All we need is the tunes."

Friday, January 11 at 05:44 AM:
Loretta Roebuck from Harrisburg,PA Duaphin wrote:
"I'm a child care prvoider, It gives me 'grate pleasure' to know that my little people' will learn the sounds of the alphabetic. (The sounds they make) :) (I know i'll have just the same or more fun!). "IT'S VERY HELPFUL, 'I'M EXCITE, THANK... YOU...'LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. "

Thursday, January 10 at 06:14 AM:
Sandy Johnson from Lexington Ky wrote:
"Wonderful !!! My five year old granddaughter was having so much trouble with letter sounds until i ordered your cd, now she she has them down pat,, Many Thanks,, Sandy"

Thursday, January 10 at 03:44 AM:
John Oberly from Steamboat Springs (In my heart) wrote:
"Greg, What an outstanding use of your formidable talent. I'll be ordering CD's for my nieces shortly. I don't suppose you still have a few "Whitfield-Ward" recordings in the closet? Some scoundrel stole my copy 10 years ago and I've been missing it ever since. I was actually looking for one when I stumbled in here. Congratulations on this most recent chapter in your life."

Thursday, January 3 at 07:50 AM:

Tuesday, November 27 at 08:22 PM:
TxSandMom from near Dallas, Texas wrote:
"I disagree that the first step to mastering literacy is the ability to NAME the letters of the alphabet. My daughter is 14 months old and we are working on the SOUNDS of the letters first. I don't care at this point if she knows the NAME of the letter, just that she learn the sound it makes. And yes, I realize that many letters have more than one sound. "

Saturday, November 24 at 12:39 PM:
Priscilla from San Diego, CA wrote:
"Great website and helpful. I'm going to order your CD."

Tuesday, November 13 at 11:22 AM:
Angie from Silvis,IL wrote:
"Great page!"

Monday, November 12 at 02:48 PM:
Janice P. Matthews from Fort Myers, FL wrote:
"I am a child care provider, and I believe that this will help my little ones get a head start with learning their alphabet."

Friday, November 9 at 01:54 PM:
Rhonda from Camden Missouri wrote:
"Just looking for new things to add to our space theme and science center."

Friday, November 9 at 12:32 PM:
Beth from Paris,Tx. wrote:
" I'm excited to find you... Can"t wait to hear the songs!"

Sunday, November 4 at 12:26 AM:
Gerriane from Ridgecrest,CA, USA wrote:
"I'd like to see your songs!"

Tuesday, October 30 at 09:13 AM:
Emily Bosten from derby, ks wrote:
"umm i lov your page"

Thursday, October 25 at 03:12 PM:
Kim Kirkpatrick from Walnut, Kansas, US wrote:
"Nice Job "

Friday, October 5 at 06:54 AM:
Tish Brownlee from Smyrna, GA wrote:
"We are anxious to have this in our K classroom!!!"

Wednesday, September 26 at 10:34 PM:
louise from australia wrote:
"sorry about the spelling mistake!! I do know how to spell my own country!!"

Wednesday, September 26 at 10:31 PM:
louise from austraia wrote:
"i am studying teaching at university and think this cd sounds wonderful. thanks for a new resource to help with our wonderful children of the future!"

Tuesday, September 25 at 04:32 PM:
miral from Jordan wrote:
"the script of the songs is wondeful, but how can i teach my students with ?"

Sunday, September 23 at 01:40 PM:
cv from fort smith, ark. america wrote:
"don't know because i havent seen the sight yet!"

Wednesday, September 19 at 03:42 PM:
Shahroz Hussain from houston tx wrote:
"I like to learn english spelling."

Monday, September 10 at 02:45 PM:
Lisa Forbis from St. Louis, MO wrote:
"I love your phonics songs! They will work great with my kindergarten/ first graders!"

Tuesday, September 4 at 06:15 AM:
S.Ruban from Sepang,Selangor,Malaysia wrote:
"This is my first entry. Its look so nice and beutiful."

Sunday, August 19 at 08:38 AM:
Suzanne B. Lee from Jupiter, Florida wrote:
"Wow!!! This is so fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Sunday, August 5 at 11:24 AM:
Kelli Hunt from Garland, TX wrote:
"Great songs!"

Monday, June 18 at 11:54 AM:
Christine Walnum from Lebanon Oregon wrote:
""Just what I was looking for!" Thanks a bunch for sharing with your on-line friends."

Friday, June 1 at 06:02 PM:
Marion from Melbourne,Victoria, Australia wrote:
"Music Teacher at a kindergarten, great site, just the ideas I needed for the current literacy theme. Many thanks."

Friday, June 1 at 04:53 PM:
Barbara Pitre from Baytown, TX 77521 wrote:
"Please send information on Alphasongs for preshoolers. Need new songs for teaching preshoolers. Thanks Mrs. Pitre"

Sunday, May 27 at 07:40 PM:
Sue from Plainview, TX wrote:
"Greg, Your songs are delightful! I would love to visit your classroom--I bet you really make learning fun. Thanks for the wonderful way to introduce phonics in my classroom."

Monday, May 7 at 06:16 AM: from ISLAMABAD (PAKISTAN) wrote:
"ITS very good site."

Sunday, March 25 at 01:22 PM:
Sharice Williams from Irving, Texas wrote:
"This is exactly what I needed to get the job done. Thank you for everything, you have made music that has even the high school students on my campus to tapping and singing along when they work with thier primary partners. "

Saturday, February 3 at 01:25 PM:
patricia contreras from el paso, tx wrote:
"i am looking for lyric songs"

Tuesday, January 9 at 10:27 AM:
Christy Wagner from Goldsboro, NC USA wrote:
"I really enjoyed your website. I was just looking into the career of being a kindergarden teaches but now I know thats what I'll be!"

Monday, January 8 at 02:48 PM:
Richard noel from round rock,tx wrote:
"cool site mr.w"

Sunday, January 7 at 10:11 AM:
Mary Curling from Laplace,Louisiana,United States wrote:
"I love your web sites."

Friday, December 22 at 07:19 PM:
simon tredwell from haiti wrote:
"i am an english language teac her in haiti and am grateful for any resources on the internet as i have children to teachof 6-10 years and they desperately need english tuition in this country. thanks"

Monday, November 27 at 12:09 PM:
Mrs. Miranda's Kindergarten Class from Austin, Tx, USA wrote:
"Thank you for making the Alphasongs! They're really good! We like it when the names in the songs are the same as boys and girls in our class."

Sunday, November 5 at 04:28 PM:
Uncle Al Raithel from Fairfax, VA , USA wrote:
"Greg, I have Alpha Songs in use in both Preschools that I'm associated with, and they love them. I hope that you can get those two Lake Travis Crooners, Ray and Roberta to do a bit more on your next production. Maybe a song for those of us on our "second childhood." God bless you. Keep up the good work. Love to all the Whitfields. Uncle Al"

Wednesday, October 25 at 10:39 AM:
amal from marocco wrote:
"i want to learn english"

Wednesday, October 25 at 09:40 AM:
Christina B from arizona wrote:
"i need info on becoming a kindergarden teacher"

Tuesday, October 17 at 05:53 PM:
Solange from California wrote:
"I am a firm believer in the importance of music in education, esp. with young children. I am looking forward to adding your cd to my collection. I loved reading the lyrics and can't wait to hear the songs!"

Tuesday, October 3 at 08:01 PM:
Michelle from Round Rock, Tx. , US wrote:
"I heard a couple of the alpha songs today in your class and loved them!!! I can't wait to get our very own cd and hear them all the time at home. We feel so lucky that our son is in your class. He comes home with something he's learned everyday. Today he told me "the letter "h" sound like when your running our of breath, you know mom like h/h/h/h/h..." YOU'RE A GREAT TEACHER!!! "

Friday, September 8 at 11:22 PM:
lisa byrd from tayorsville nc USA wrote:

Thursday, September 7 at 06:18 PM:
Anna H. from Petaluma, California, USA wrote:
"Your CD is great! I used it for my K/1 summer school class and we really enjoyed it. Our favorites were F, S, and especially U! :) Thanks so much! "

Thursday, September 7 at 05:11 PM:
Dana Davis from Louisville, Kentucky Jefferson wrote:
"What a terrific site for teachers. I love hearing new ideas!!!!!!"

Wednesday, August 30 at 11:25 AM:
Melanie from New Bedford, MA Bristol wrote:
"This site is very interesting and challenging to a young child. What a great way to learn the alphabet. I have been doing daycare for 10 years now and have my CDA and working on finishing my associates in early childhood at night. But the curriculums I do during every week are full of songs and finger plays and stories. Projects and colors and puppets show to go along with each curriculum. I have 2 sons 11 yrs in 6th grade and 16 years old a junior in high school."

Saturday, August 26 at 08:02 PM:
Melanie from Alabama wrote:
"My first grade daughter is having so much trouble with sounds of many of the letters. Just today I've engaged the services of a LD/Special Ed teacher to tutor her twice a week. This CD sounds WONDERFUL and I WILL be ordering one immediately. She loves music!"

Monday, August 21 at 10:38 PM:
kyle from Australia wrote:
"i have not seen anything like this before. i am studying to become a teacher and i think this is a great idea to use in the classroom. i will be ordering a cd for sure. i can't wait to use it."

Monday, August 21 at 10:38 PM:
kyle from Australia wrote:
"i have not seen anything like this before. i am stufying to become a teacher and i think this is a great idea to use in the classroom. i will be ordering a cd for sure. i can't wait to use it."

Sunday, August 20 at 08:14 PM:
kenya from vacaville wrote:
"sent a comment already looking for a web site that would fit my learning activities"

Sunday, August 20 at 08:12 PM:
azerine from vacaville, calif., wrote:
"i am looking for some learning activities for my child who'll be going to kindergaden this year. do you know of any web site?"

Saturday, August 12 at 07:59 AM:
Jacqui from Singapore wrote:
"I must surely try your CD - sounds exciting"

Wednesday, July 19 at 02:57 PM:
Gary Halm from Round Rock, Texas wrote:
"It's been 4 years but Greg Whitfield taught my daughter Audrey, in fact she's sitting in his lap in the picture on this site. My wife Crystal even took that picture. My daughter still loves Mr. Whitfield and according to her, he is still her favorite teacher! We consider ourselves lucky to have had him teach our daughter and hope our son has the chance to be in his class in a couple years. Greg is a superb musician but just might be a better teacher and on top of that he is a great guy. I have nothing but total respect and admiration for his talents. Order the CD, you will be glad you did. It's a collection of wonderful songs that you will listen to over and over again. Greg, I know I never told you personally but thanks for all your hard work and your dedication. You have had a profound affect on Audrey who still talks about you to this very day. Sincerely, Gary ps--Audrey sends her love too....."

Wednesday, July 12 at 11:01 AM:
Ashley Loging from Charleston, SC wrote:
"Great website! I have heard a lot of great things about your CD Aplhasongs and plan to order it for my personal classroom. This will be my second year teaching kindergarten. I look forward to receiving and implementing your product! Best of luck!"

Tuesday, July 4 at 09:24 AM:
vivian from san francisco, CA wrote:
"I enjoyed your website and will be ordering the Alpha Songs this week."

Wednesday, June 7 at 05:33 AM:
carmen from Wichita Ks wrote:
"I would like to say hi and i think you a great idea to help children learn. i'm a yong mother of 3 and 2 of them are having a hard time learning to read i hope that your program can help them thank u for thinking of a great idea."

Thursday, April 27 at 12:44 PM:
Jane T. from Indiana wrote:
"Love the CD! So do my students!"

Sunday, April 9 at 07:24 PM:
Davinder Dhillon from California wrote:
"I think it is a wonderful idea to teach kids the alphabets. I am going to be a special education teacher,in fall 2000, and currently I am looking for all sorts of ideas to teach young kids. I love this sight, and i am going to order the CD, (as I am not a singer)to go along with the songs. "

Friday, April 7 at 08:14 PM:
Em from Cheboygan, Mi wrote:
"This is the absolute cutest most effective way I found to get my child interested in learning the alphabet. She's only three but knows the alphabet now thanks to this cute method!!"

Wednesday, April 5 at 10:43 PM:
DaNae from Boise, Idaho wrote:
"Wonderful idea!! I can't wait to recieve mine! As a mother of young children who loves to include music with learning, I'm excited to use this CD to help broaden my childrens' understanding of the alphabet and phonetics involved. I'm especially anxious to see how it may help my 3 yr old who is verbally speech delayed. Good luck with all your endevors!"

Monday, April 3 at 09:20 AM:
Crystal from Houston, Texas wrote:

Tuesday, March 21 at 07:49 PM:
Cara Carroll from Las Vegas, NV wrote:
"would love to get the tape someday. the lyrics are great."

Friday, March 17 at 11:20 AM:
Bobb Hart from Venice, FL wrote:
"Today one of our Kindergarten teachers turned me on to "Alphasongs", and I've had a blast all afternoon! I was hooked with "Adam Abernathy" and loved it more with every song! I'm the Speech-Language therapist at our Pre-K thru 5 school, and I already know which have to hear whcih songs. Luckily I found your web site quickly, and I look forward to discovering more of what you are doing. Great stuff! "

Tuesday, March 7 at 05:37 AM:
michael from Quebec, Canada wrote:
"Great site "

Monday, February 28 at 03:28 PM:
Tammy Jackson from Bridgeville, De wrote:
"I ordered your cd for my preschool class. I can not wait for them to hear it. "

Saturday, February 19 at 03:32 PM:
Debbie Lynn-Roy from Abington, Ma wrote:
"I have been a pre-k teacher for five years and did home day care for four years before that. I love new ideas. I find myself getting bored with the same old curriculum. Thanks."

Wednesday, February 16 at 01:39 PM:
Alexandra Herron from Lawton, OK 73507 wrote:
"I am welcome to suggestions regarding teaching English as a second language. I tutor adults. It seems that my students find it easier to comprehend the sounds of each letter in our alphabet, therefore, are better able to read."

Saturday, February 12 at 05:11 PM:
Kathy from USA wrote:
"I used this information for my teacher class that I'm taking in college. We had to come up with a lesson plan for pre-K. Thanks"

Thursday, February 3 at 07:38 PM:
Autumn Espinoza from Lower Yakima Vally wrote:
"I'm a JR. in college. I will be a 2nd grade teacher soon. It's nice that you take time to help the new ones."

Friday, January 21 at 04:11 PM:
Ginger Hulsopple from Austin, Texas USA wrote:
"I hope this doesn't sound too weird... but - by any strange chance - are you the Greg Whitfield that used to play at the Rand Tar with Dennis Todd up in Dallas? If so, then I would like to say hi...."

Sunday, December 19 at 11:24 AM:
Kathy from Sacto, Ca wrote:
"Greg, you have laid out the reading process in a simple stage by stage process anyone could understand. It is great that you share your information. than"

Wednesday, December 8 at 10:28 AM:
Jim Guszak from Austin, Texas wrote:
"I found the stories and music captivating! "

Saturday, November 27 at 02:00 PM:
Jane Statchen from Plainville, CT. USA wrote:
"I would be interested in viewing the lyrics but wonder if the written music is also available"

Sunday, November 14 at 05:58 PM:
Versana from Franklin, LA St. Mary Parish USA wrote:
"I have enjoyed visiting your site and will be ordering the music to enjoy with the lyrics and activities I have just browsed."

Saturday, November 6 at 07:20 AM:
BobbieBice from Georgetown,TN United States wrote:
"It's a joy. "

Wednesday, November 3 at 01:52 PM:
Tami Reinhold from West Lawn, PA 19609 wrote:
"I am a student teacher in an inner city school and these poems will be a hit. Thanks."

Tuesday, November 2 at 07:37 AM:
Nancy's 1st grade class!! from New York wrote:
"This is great!!"

Saturday, October 30 at 01:48 PM:
Jacqueline Booker from Detroit, MI wrote:
"I am a first grade teacher and I love the alphabet song for teaching the letter sounds."

Monday, October 25 at 05:15 PM:
Marilyn Rayzor from Plymouth, CA/ USA wrote:
"I tutor lst, 2nd and 3rd graders who are all having trouble with spelling and phonics. My only tool right now is flash cards which do not have near enough information for the sounds. I would appreciate any kind of information on books etc. to deal with this problem. One child I have is possible ADD. Thank you "

Wednesday, October 13 at 01:13 PM:
danielle lattimore from wilmington nc 28401 wrote:
"I was looking for some sounds of the letter B for a power piont lesson on the alphabet."

Wednesday, October 6 at 10:26 AM:
Dorota Teeple from Toronto, Ont. Canada wrote:
"Great craft I use it all the time for my three childcare children. My own children 6yrs old and 8, love the pokemon craft. "

Tuesday, September 28 at 06:17 PM:
Tammie from Springtown, TX wrote:
"Wow! Great CD, my kindergarteners love all of the songs and so do I!!"

Sunday, September 26 at 04:33 AM:
selena from canada wrote:
"I love your web site it has helped me alot and I plan to use it more often."

Sunday, September 19 at 05:18 AM:
Ann Massey- from Hawkins,Texas Wood wrote:
"I have just found your sight i think it will be helpful in my ESL time. I teach bilingual-kindergarten. I love the little stories with each letter. Do you think there is a possibility that you would /could use this same approach with the alphabet but, in spanish. I believe this might take some of the frustration out of learning the alphabet for hispanic learners and make it more fun. I'm certified Special-Ed and English and working on my TOPT for oral language in bilingual. Passed the bilingual-endorsement excet but having a little trouble with oral proficiency part.I speak spanish fairly well, but, I tend to just freeze when that cassette recorder goes on. I am ADHD with slight dyslexia. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks sincerely. Ann Massey. P.S. I teach in Tyler ISD. I plan to order the CD for my classroom. I am anxious to hear it especially if you sound like Elvis. God Bless you."

Saturday, August 28 at 08:01 PM:
Angela T. from Western Australia wrote:
"This site gave me lots of ideas for my music class at uni (I'm studying Early Childhood Education). I'm going to tell all my friends and my lecturer about it!"

Monday, August 23 at 06:54 PM:
alisha from california wrote:
"I need some ideas for dinosaurs activities"

Thursday, July 29 at 01:51 PM:
Lori Hickel from Tioga, ND wrote:
"I am going to order this for my kindergarten class. Looks great!"

Wednesday, July 21 at 07:42 PM:
Shari from North Bend, OR USA wrote:
"Thanks for a much needed resource for all of us that love sitting on the floor "playing" with children."

Sunday, July 11 at 08:04 PM:
Millie from Phoenix, NY wrote:
"I think I will enjoy this site alot and be able to use it with my grandkids."

Saturday, July 3 at 09:56 PM:
Gretchin from Dallas, TX wrote:
"We love your songs, my son can be in a bit of a bad mood, when I pop the tape in, he perks up and is happy. He sings right along and thoroughly enjoys every song. Thanks Greg, you did a fabulous job!"

Tuesday, June 29 at 02:06 PM:
Adventures Begin at Childland (ABC) from Kane, Pa wrote:
" It is great to see people taking such pride in working with children. Some people view it as only "baby-sitting". Keep taking pride in your work and set an example for others. The children deserve it. Good Information!!!"

Tuesday, June 22 at 05:18 PM:
Marie from Indiana wrote:
"Enjoyed your site and can't wait to get my copy of the CD! Great Job!"

Monday, June 21 at 09:17 PM:
Cathy from Concord, N.H. wrote:
"This sounds like a fantastic CD. I will be ordering it for my first graders."

Friday, June 18 at 11:58 AM:
Erin Reinhart from Kirksville, Mo, USA wrote:
"I am teaching the alphabet to a group of pre-kindergarten children. The songs and activities seem to be a wonderfull way of learning. Thank you."

Friday, June 4 at 11:28 AM:
Cindi Brown from St. Johns, MI wrote:
"Greg, these songs and activities are great. I run a group daycare and we provide preschool for ages 3-5. These new songs and activities will be a great hit this fall."

Sunday, April 25 at 07:35 AM:
chicky from mi wrote:
"I really enjoyed your web page, and would like to invite you to join my webring... check it out here: thank you for your time"

Tuesday, April 13 at 05:49 PM:
Doug Kitchens from Friendswood, Tx USA wrote:
"Are the songs used for Children's activities in a classroon setting?"

Wednesday, March 31 at 09:17 AM:
Mrs. Diana E. Mercado from Arecibo, PR USA wrote:
"Are these songs for primary grades?"

Thursday, March 18 at 06:01 AM:
Bobby Pounds from Bubba Land, Texas wrote:
"This is a really cool website, Greg! You know me, I love a great lyric, and your album is very cleverly crafted. I can't wait to play it for Danielle. Good Luck with Alphasongs! Bobby"

Wednesday, March 17 at 02:18 PM:
Leon Langley from San Angelo, Texas wrote:
"The website is great!! Thank you Greg for the CD. I always knew you were one of the most talented people that I was ever around. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Best Wishes, Leon"

Tuesday, March 16 at 03:58 PM:
Jody Pautsch from Parker, Colorado wrote:
"I LOVE this website. I wish it had sound bites so I would have a better idea if my kids would enjoy it for sure. I've ordered the CD but I would have ordered more than one (to use as gifts) if I knew for sure the kids would like it as much as I'm thinking they will."

Monday, March 15 at 10:02 PM:
" GREG, I've been sendin' your page to almost everyone I know !!! They all LOVE it !!! IT REALLY NEEDS sound bytes !!!!!! IF only for a tease ! I do plan on going to Dennis's B'day party!!! sounds like a GAS !! MY B'day is one day after his, GONNA BE A PARTY !!!! E-MAIL,OR,Call me, when you have time, LOT'S MORE I'd like to tell you,but I know space is limited !!! LATER, LATER, BYE, TONY "

Tuesday, March 9 at 12:39 PM:
Reita Hager from Palatka, Fl. USA wrote:
"I love this web site. "

Saturday, February 27 at 12:13 PM:
Y. Nash from Arkansas wrote:
"Was looking for activities that began with the letter V and ran across your page. This is great. I may possibly order the CD. Thanks!"

Wednesday, February 17 at 05:29 AM:
Candy James from Camden North Carolina wrote:
"AlphaSongs is an answer to my prayers. Thank you for the price being so reasonable."

Tuesday, February 16 at 08:30 AM:
Sabeecha from Kuwait wrote:
"These lyrics are fantastic! The activities for each letter are the best I've seen anywhere. I wish the songs were available on cassette. I think the lyrics would make wonderful books. I will order when I return to the U.S. Thanks for the activities !!!"

Sunday, January 31 at 09:53 AM:
Alan Lovejoy from Austin, TX/USA wrote:
"Way to go Greg! This is really great! I'm proud of you, what you have created, and proud to have had the pleasure to work with you in the music business. Tell Don, and his parents, I said "hello"."

Friday, January 29 at 07:03 PM:
ryantrent1@aol.ocm from oklahoma wrote:
"I would like to buy your songs but my room does not have a cd player. Are your songs on tape?"

Tuesday, January 19 at 04:39 PM:
RC Manning JR. from Florence, TX wrote:
"Hey! MR. Whitfield, it's me RC!! Thanks for thinking of me and telling my mom when you play so I can come and watch (hear) you sing. YOU ARE SO COOL!DUDE! THANKK YA VERY MUCH, (ELVIS VOICE) for being the best teacher!! "

Wednesday, January 13 at 04:20 AM:
Todd Schanbaum from Belle Mead,Nj wrote:
"This is a very special program.Created for special people who need the it the most,children. Anytime anyone recognizes the needs of children and is motivated to do something like this, they must be truley blessed. ps...congratulations Greg from Todd Scanbaum "

Monday, January 4 at 08:25 AM:
Jenny Rorke from Austin, TX wrote:
"You are a wonder with children, and your CD rocks!"

Wednesday, December 30 at 04:54 PM:
Megan Spencer from Austin, TX, USA wrote:
"Greg, I enjoyed meeting you at Old Town Elementary on December 18th. I've been hanging around your web site and it's really something. Thanks for telling me about it. I've added it to my bookmarks-Education Sites! Take care. I'm so glad you're a teacher in RRISD! Megan"

Monday, November 23 at 12:10 PM:
S. Gerczynski from Glen Burnie, Maryland wrote:
"I am so glad that I found this web site. I love these songs. I am a first grade teacher and the songs are perfect for introducing/reinforcing letter sounds. "

Tuesday, November 10 at 09:44 PM:
Sandi Waeltz from Round Rock, Texas,USA wrote:
"Greg-- This is too cool!! Congratulations!! Hope you sell a million!! Sandi"

Wednesday, November 4 at 10:36 AM: from Austin, Texas wrote:
"Hey, Greg! It's Lori! Just surfing along and decided to drop by. I love your new website. I'm currently teaching MUSIC here at Laurel Mountain, and guess what songs KinderCubs love to sing? Yes! AlphaSongs! Keep up the good work, and drop me an e-mail if you get the chance. Later!"

Monday, October 26 at 05:50 PM:
Denise from Pflugerville, Texas wrote:
"You have a great web site for parents and kids! This is a great resource. Thank you. Alphasongs is great for all kids."

Monday, October 26 at 05:50 PM:
Denise from Pflugerville, Texas wrote:
"You have a great web site for parents and kids! This is a great resource. Thank you. Alphasongs is great for all kids."

Saturday, October 24 at 05:14 PM:
Tashia Garcia from Austin, TX wrote:
"I'm student teaching at your school. Is there anyway I can sample your CD before I purchase. I'm interested in using with my own children along with my teaching. "

Monday, October 19 at 12:02 PM:
pat stimers from rowley,ma wrote:
"how are the song lyrics obtained? I clicked on lots of the screen links to no avail??!!"

Thursday, October 8 at 11:06 AM:
Faith Whelan from Canada wrote:
"I have my own Company and would be interested in selling this book. Could you please send me details. "

Monday, September 14 at 03:04 PM:
Victor Barrow from Dallas, Texas wrote:
"I think the page is really good in design and function. It does a very good job of describing Alphasongs and tells what the purpose of it really is. I think that if parents saw the site and read what you have to say, then they would see the life-long rewards with owning Alphasongs for their children. The time that parents spend know building a base for their children, could make a huge difference later on in the child's life. Congrats on all the hard work."

Friday, September 4 at 10:07 AM:
Scott Neubert from Nashville, Tn. wrote:
"Greg, Alphasongs is a wonderful project. I do alot of studio work in Nashville and I know what hard work goes into making one of these. The songs and sounds are great and the lyrics are better than many of the tunes I play on. Congrats, You've certainly got the best kept secret in educational CD's. Hopefully not for long. "

Friday, September 4 at 03:21 AM:
Janelle Sanders from Austin, Texas wrote:
"Greg, Alphasongs is the greatest! It has certainly made a difference with the children at our school...I think my favorites are the songs you wrote for the letters B and V. Your talent, the way you have applied it in your role as a teacher, and the ability parents, children, and teachers across the country now have to use it through Alphasongs is magnificent! "

Thursday, September 3 at 08:21 PM:
Ann O'Doherty from Round Rock, Texas (no where else to be) wrote:
"Thank you for sharing your new web address with us. Brian and I were humming our favorites all over again. Good luck with your business - hope it is still a pleasure! Ann & Brian O'Doherty - Brian says, "Happy tunes to you.""

Thursday, September 3 at 03:22 PM:
Mary Paula from Austin, Tx wrote:
"Can I go back to kindergarten and be one of your lucky students??? Really like the little "surprises" interjected within the themes of each song (fun for the adult listeners). Thanks for sharing your talent with the world in such a constructive way."

Wednesday, September 2 at 03:41 PM:
Jenna Johnston from Round Rock, TX wrote:
"I am a student in Mr. Whitfield's kindergarten class and I love all the songs he sings us. He's a great teacher. Thanks Mr. Whitfield."

Sunday, August 30 at 10:07 PM:
Pat King from Wichita Falls Texas wrote:
"What a totaly inspiring concept. Thanks for thinking of and taking action for the children--"

Sunday, August 30 at 07:12 PM:
Tom Fiorini from Dallas, TX. wrote:
"My sun is about to tern 3 and he luvs itt! This CD is grate for kidds, and... wate a minut...may b i cood lern somthing two about the alfabet! "

Sunday, August 30 at 04:32 PM:
Dean Schanbaum from San Diego, CA wrote:
"My grandkids love the CD, when I have to say "NO" to them, I start to sing "na, na, na ,na, na, na, na- Nathan no, then I spell it.. N O. Alissa likes the letter "S" the best. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssss."

Saturday, August 29 at 03:08 PM:
Father Ray from San Antonio, Tx, USA wrote:
"This is a great web site and a super product!"


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