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AlphaSongs is a collection of 26 original songs, one for each letter in the alphabet, designed to help beginning readers master the sounds of the alphabet letters.

Produced from an adult perspective in styles ranging from blues to rock to country, it has been called the first adult-friendly children's album. Whether viewed as kid's music for grown-ups or grown-up music for kids, this is not your standard children's fare.

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Written and performed by songwriter/kindergarten teacher, Greg Whitfield, along with some of the premiere musicians of Austin, Texas, AlphaSongs takes the listener on an unforgettable journey through the alphabet. The stories and characters encountered along the way leave children with a concrete memory of each letter and its sounds. As these songs build phonemic awareness in young readers, the effect on reading fluency is startling.

All song lyrics are now online, with learning activities included for each of the songs.

There is simply nothing more effective than AlphaSongs for teaching phonics to beginning readers.

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