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Deborah Moore
Family Planet Music

"Just when you thought you had heard every alphabet song youd ever want to hear, along comes a wonderfully, refreshing album like "Alphasongs." Creative, intelligent word play and clever storylines set to original contemporary country music allow kids to hear letter sounds in a whole new way. Young listeners can hear about Adam Abernathy who laughs when hes "hape-y" and cries when hes "sade" or Cathys Corner Cupboard that only sells food that starts with the letter C - chicken, cookies, catsup, celery. Not only does this album rate high on the educational scale, but its first-rate entertainment, too. Great for home or school!


Dr. Judith Lindfors
College of Education, University of Texas:

"I just love Alphasongs. My colleagues and I are sharing it with our students. It's getting good use around here."


Don Campbell,
Author of "The Mozart Effect":

"This CD Alphasongs is wonderful, intuitive, and creative - doing the Great Work where it counts."


Terry Kluytmans,
KIDiddles: Not your Average Kids' site
Excerpt from June 1998 Review:

"From Adam Abernathy's backward letter A's through to the trials of 'always at the back' Zack, these songs are sure to entertain and teach your children. And don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along, too -- or at least doing some serious toe-tappin'.

Whitfield's vocals come through crisp and clear on this CD, and the lyrics serve to confirm his excellent songwriting talents.

If your children are struggling to learn their ABC's, we can't think of a better -- and more entertaining -- tool than AlphaSongs." [ See full review ]

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