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Here are a few of the infertility and adoption resources that I have found on the WWW. If there are others out there that you have found helpful, please email me at webmaster@stairway.bc.ca to let me know, and I'll add them to my list!



pr-bl-lg.gif The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine - home of the first IVF baby born in the USA    new4.gif
pr-bl-lg.gif Tapestry Books - complete source for adoption and infertility books and information
pr-bl-lg.gif Marriage: In Sickness and In Health... And Infertility?
pr-bl-lg.gif Stress Management - Effects of Infertility on the Couple Relationship
pr-bl-lg.gif Why Can't We Have A Baby?
pr-bl-lg.gif Fertilitext - Information about fertility and reproductive problems
pr-bl-lg.gif The Center for Human Reproduction - Informative site, with pictures and MPEGs
pr-bl-lg.gif Atlanta Reproductive Health Center - valuable information here
pr-bl-lg.gif Infertility Resources - from Internet Health Resources Company
pr-bl-lg.gif Bay Area Fertility Medical Group - Lots of info here too


pr-bl-lg.gif Internet Adoption Photolisting - from Precious in HIS Sight
pr-bl-lg.gif An Introduction to Open Adoption
pr-bl-lg.gif Adoption - lots of information here
pr-bl-lg.gif Adoption Forum - post a message
pr-bl-lg.gif National Adoption Center - Faces of Adoption
pr-bl-lg.gif Root & Wings Adoption Magazine
pr-bl-lg.gif Instant Fatherhood - An Adoptive Father's Story
pr-bl-lg.gif AdoptioNetwork
pr-bl-lg.gif Adopting Resources - Great links here to all sorts of adoption information!
pr-bl-lg.gif Adoption Network
pr-bl-lg.gif Adopted Child - Lois Ruskai Melina's Home Page
pr-bl-lg.gif WWW Adoption Resources


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