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Here's my list of cool stuff on the Internet!

rbrarrw.gif Found Money Homepage - Maybe you're rich and don't even know it!    new4.gif
rbrarrw.gif DeeT's 70s Page - The ultimate trip down memory lane!    new4.gif
rbrarrw.gif Warner Bros. WeB Cards - totally cool!    new4.gif
rbrarrw.gif The Times of Our Lives - wonderful stories, beautiful artwork!    new4.gif
rbrarrw.gif Postcards - send a friend a WEB postcard! Lots to choose from!
rbrarrw.gif The Excuse Generator - need a good one? Check here!
rbrarrw.gif Check out today's DILBERT cartoon!
rbrarrw.gif Here's a sampling of some great FAR SIDE cartoons!
rbrarrw.gif The Travel Channel
rbrarrw.gif Tourism Info Internet - more travel stuff!
rbrarrw.gif McAfee Virus Scan - gotta have it!
rbrarrw.gif How far is it? Enter two places and it'll tell you the distance!
rbrarrw.gif Web-A-Sketch
rbrarrw.gif Trivuality - an interactive trivia game
rbrarrw.gif Encyclopedia Britannica Online
rbrarrw.gif Weather Around the World
rbrarrw.gif CourtTV
rbrarrw.gif The Duke of URL's Hotlist - this is AWESOME!
rbrarrw.gif NETLiNkS - great links - lots of Canadiana!
rbrarrw.gif NBC TV's Homepage!
rbrarrw.gif My list of Internet resources

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