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My Brilliant Beast

Having once been a mobile disc jockey (you know, like the one that played at the last wedding you went to?), I got used to all sorts of music! Top 40s, rock, classical, country, new age and broadway all get a fair bit of play time in my house. My favorite right now? The most AWESOME Canadian band in the world, called My Brilliant Beast! Check out their site!


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Check out the home pages of some of my other favorites artists:

red-arr.gif Barenaked Ladies
red-arr.gif Blue Rodeo
red-arr.gif Boys II Men
red-arr.gif Mariah Carey
red-arr.gif Eric Clapton
red-arr.gif Neil Diamond
red-arr.gif Celine Dion
red-arr.gif The Eagles - L&M's Fast Lane
red-arr.gif Hootie & the Blowfish   new4.gif
red-arr.gif Janet Jackson
red-arr.gif Jesus Christ Superstar
/images/red-arr.gif Billy Joel
/images/red-arr.gif Elton John
red-arr.gif Joshua Kadison
red-arr.gif kd lang
red-arr.gif Annie Lennox   new4.gif
red-arr.gif Les Miserables
red-arr.gif Madonna
red-arr.gif Bette Midler
red-arr.gif My Brilliant Beast - Canadian, *A*W*E*S*O*M*E*!   new4.gif
red-arr.gif Phantom of the Opera
red-arr.gif Seal
red-arr.gif Selena
red-arr.gif Xscape   new4.gif


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