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I've spent a great deal of time trying to find info regarding HTML, web design in general, applications to use, places to look, and so forth. Hopefully the resources here will save a few steps for you!

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Up! on this page, it means I found the site or its product to be informative, helpful, easy to use, etc. and heartily recommend it as a place to go, or a product to download!

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HTML Editors/HTML & Other Webpage Design Resources

* Brian's Revised Internet Yellow Pages - Lots of goodies!
* Composing Good HTML - Great reference!   Thumbs Up!
* Form Tutor by Joe Barta - This guy knows his stuff! Great tutorial!   Thumbs Up!
* Frames Tutor by Joe Barta - Joe strikes again! This time with a frames tutorial!   Thumbs Up!
* HTML Editing - Here's a good primer!
* HTML Goodies - An excellent tutorial and great graphics links!   Thumbs Up!
* HTML Quick Reference - Find out what the tags are and how to use them!
* HTMLEd Pro - Shareware or Professional, 16 & 32 bit versions available   Thumbs Up!
* Lynda's Homegurrlpage - If you can't find it here, I don't know where you will!   Thumbs Up!
* Matt's Script Archive - Look here for the CGI script you need!   Thumbs Up!
* Postmaster - Submits your URLs to 25 popular sites for FREE!
* Submit It! - Another easy way to submit your URLs!
* Table Tutor by Joe Barta - A very good tutorial on tables!   Thumbs Up!
* URL Check - A Resource for Web Designers - For site critiques!
* The Web-Counter - An online counter you can link to your pages!
* Web Engineers' Toolbox - All kinds of stuff here: HTML, CGI, Graphics, and more!
* The Web Masters Page from Bob Alison - An incredible source of info!   Thumbs Up!
* webreference.com - Whether you're a beginner or a webmaster, look here!   Thumbs Up!

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Graphics Viewers/Editors & Other Imaging Resources

* Communication Arts - An Ezine for graphics designers and designer wannabe's!
* GIF Animation on the WWW - Check here to find out how to do it!   Thumbs Up!
* GIF Construction Set - You'll be churning out animated GIFs in no time!   Thumbs Up!
* LView Pro Viewer/Editor/Converter - Another good application!
* MapEdit - Image mapping made easy with this shareware!   Thumbs Up!
* Paint Shop Pro - A great shareware paint program!   Thumbs Up!

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Buttons, Bars, Clipart and Backgrounds

* The Backgrounds Archive - If you need a cool background, check here!
* Caboodles of Clipart - Caboodles & oodles & oodles!
* Free and Weird Background Patterns - Some, ummm, interesting backgrounds :-)
* Free Web Graphics by Pam Bytes - The BEST background library I've found -- all FREE!   Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!
* Icons, Clipart and Backgrounds - Lots to choose from here!
* Index of Images on the Social Science Data Lab Server - Graphics galore!
* Library of Buttons, Borders & Backgrounds - Tons to see here!
* Pattern Land - TONS of background images! Take a look!   Thumbs Up!
* Psyched Up Graphics - Another super resource!
* Russ's Backgrounds - I like Russ's stuff!   Thumbs Up!
* Silk Purse Graphics - Some interesting fractal art backgrounds!
* Texture Land - AMAZING background images! Check it out!   Thumbs Up!
* WebDesigns Backgrounds 2 - You'll find classy backgrounds here!   Thumbs Up!
* Yahoo's List of Clipart Links - They've got tons to pick from!

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Winsock Applications

* Email Connection - Another email client!   Thumbs Up!
* Eudora Light - Free (okay, you have to send a postcard) email client!   Thumbs Up!
* Eudora Mail for Multiple Users - EZ-Access Internet Connections shows you how!   Thumbs Up!
* EWAN Winsock Terminal Emulator - A good telnet client!
* GMud - Great telnet client for Win95 users!   Thumbs Up!
* Pegasus Mail - This is the BEST Email application I've found, and it's FREE! (available for Win 3.x, Win95 and Mac users)   Thumbs Up!
* RealAudio - A MUST for some of the sound files on the 'Net!
* Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List - The BEST list out there!   Thumbs Up!
* Trumpet Winsock Applications - Good telnet client, FTP client and more!
* Tucows' Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software - This site is also good!

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Information/Search Engines

* Internet Address Finder - Trying to find somebody? Look here!
* Internet Services List - You'll find all kinds of info here!
* Starting Point - Makes searching a breeze!   Thumbs Up!

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